Real estate agent Tallahassee

Let’s be realistic, when it comes to real estate the options today are closer to endless than not. It’s never been easier for anyone to get in touch with an agent or brokerage, on their way to buying or selling a home.
When the options are endless, prices don’t matter.Yes, we said it, house prices don’t matter. Guess what? Neither do commissions. When your options for representation are limitless, your priority should be to find a realtor who will take the time to understand your personality and your needs in a home and give you the personal service that all home buyers are entitled to.

THAT is what WE do!

You will, no doubt, hear other Tallahassee real estate agents and brokerages offer over the top services or perks, reduced commissions or promises of a better end price. Be wary of these statements. The listener with a trained ear will hear only one thing throughout all of this; the sound of that agent saying “I DO NOT care about YOU!” If your representation is offering the deal of the life time, but cannot remember what you do for a living, SLOW DOWN.

Buying anything is personal

Buying anything is personal. It doesn’t matter if you are grocery shopping, car shopping or looking for a house or piece of property suitable for you to call home. Every time we put on the hat of the consumer, we are seeking to fill a need that is defined entirely in personal terms. You should view a real estate agent the same way. Make sure that the person standing in front of you meets your needs, it is the first step in ensuring your future home will do the same.

For your home buying experience

For your home buying experience (or any buying experience for that matter!) to be as pleasant as possible, it is imperative that a sales rep. makes it their sole aim to understand not only your needs, but why you see them as such. That is how we operate.

We’re not going to bog you down and repeat the same lines you have heard from every form of sales rep. There is NO magic formula that makes everything work, trust us – after all, we bought our homes too.

At our brokerage

At our brokerage, our agents will take the time to get to know you and your needs. Our personal service goes beyond whether or not a property has as many square feet, bathrooms or floors that you are looking for. After all, if we don’t get to know you, we can only provide a house and leave you to make it into a home. We feel that the task of the genuine, conscientious sales rep to assist you in finding the home that is right for you – a trait not common in real estate.

Our top priority will always be to ensure 100% client satisfaction through an open and transparent process, ensuring that you are updated every step of the way and that you are always presented with appropriate options and choices to make the entire experience an easy one.